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NFT & Blockchain

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NFT & Blockchain Solutions

Evermore NFT consultancy helps intellectual property owners be at the forefront of the NFT revolution, creating long-term value for their brands and communities. The market for NFTs is exploding and gaining increasingly more mainstream relevance. We see this moment in time as analogous to the early internet days in the 90’s and social media in the late 2000’s.

Brands, celebrities, athletes, and businesses are rushing in, but a lack of expertise and knowledge in the space is leading to a flood of low quality and poorly executed projects. Most see this as a quick cash grab opportunity – we see it as a long-term strategic opportunity.

Interested in a blockchain-enabled platform? Blockchain platforms integrate and secure the streams of disparate data sources involved in your business. The distributed database offers secure access to a single version of the truth to all participants. Contact us to see how the blockchain and smart contracts can work for your business.

Evermore will help you strategically map your project so it creates long term value for your community and your brand. These guys know what they are doing. Evermore is well-positioned and fluent on the best platforms in the world.

MikesLessons.comMike Johnston

Evermore has been an invaluable partner helping us to overcome complex business challenges within many of our customers technical platforms. They helped develop solutions for many undefined areas of web and infrastructure. They were key in helping us meet critical deadlines aligned with our business objectives.

H1 MediaShai Harari