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Commerce & Technology

We partner with organizations on their journey to digital transformation

Commerce & Technology

The Evermore Commerce Division is an end-to-end digital commerce strategy and development team with a mission to create enduring commerce solutions. Evermore Commerce was born from the frustration that brands were left with no viable options in the market when it came to building sustainable online customer solutions.

Evermore Commerce has assembled a team of B2C, B2B, C2C and omnichannel experts to design, develop, and scale the future of eCommerce.  We work across Fortune 500, venture capital, and privately held companies to build enduring solutions. To achieve client goals, we focus on providing six core technology service offerings: strategy, development, digital transformation, search engine optimization, merchant services, and pay-per-click advertising.

Web Development / eCommerce

With more than 20 years of eCommerce excellence and having managed hundreds of sites, Evermore is one of the most experienced agencies in the industry. Experience is everything, especially if you truly want customers to engage with your brand. Through enchanting, intriguing, and mind-blowing experiences, Evermore creates technology solutions that consumers love to interact with.

Does your enterprise already have eCommerce capabilities? If not, what are the roadblocks? How is that business performing if you are already conducting eCommerce? Are you realizing the full potential or leaving markets and revenue on the table? Take full advantage of this widespread disruption with Evermore’s technology offerings.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation refers to the reorganization of business models to reflect the changes in customer behavior brought about by the internet and digital technology in general. This transformation is the journey from where a business currently is to where it needs to be digitally to thrive and meet customer needs.

The common theme is recognition of the need to change existing structures and ways of working to meet changing customer demand. The need for businesses to adapt to changing circumstances is not a new concept in itself, but the ‘digital’ part of the term reflects the vast changes brought about by  the tech used to access it. Let us help you determine how your business can use technology to improve overall business performance and expand your market.

Search Engine Optimization

With years of SEO experience, we’ve proven over and over that we can increase your online visibility, search ranking, and site traffic. Today’s SEO isn’t just about keyword counts or backlinks from high PageRank websites. It’s about delivering content that search engines want to reward and that drives customers through your sales funnel. It’s about being found in all the right places online, and it’s about using that visibility to drive real, measurable growth in your company’s bottom line.

Strategy & Consulting

For more than two decades, the Evermore team members have led the charge for digital commerce, always forging ahead of trends. We understand business challenges, but more importantly, we know how to solve them. Our strategy team continuously develops groundbreaking solutions to help clients evolve.  The true goal is long-term growth.

Historically brands hyper focus on customer acquisition so they’re not really thinking about the holistic nature of getting customers, cultivating the relation with the customer, and bringing value across the entire consumer lifecycle.  To find enduring growth we have to take a step back and look at things differently. We can redefine your commerce model into one that results in innovation, customer value and durable growth.

Merchant Services

Your business needs to be able to take payments easily and securely.  Begin accepting payments with a merchant account and secure online payment gateway. Our eCommerce payments solution allows you to process online payments with speed, security, and reliability. Increase your online sales by using our seamless integration for fast and secure transactions.

Security is important, that’s why all of our terminals, including our eCommerce solutions, comply with PCI standards to protect customer and merchant data.

We believe that businesses need someone on their side with the knowledge and experience that will listen to your needs, assist with selecting the best solution and walk you through the entire process.

Pay-per-click Ads

PPC offers a way to get your product or service in front of the right people at the right moment and our PPC campaigns pack a punch. In fact, when we’re on board, our award winning PPC consultants deliver on average 30% better revenue results. We deliver the right copy, imagery and bid strategy to deliver customers. That’s the whole sales cycle. Not just the clicks.

Let’s take the next step and work together